The Maxim Road Trip Crew

Kam — “Camaro”


Favorite Drink: Basilhaden + 2 cubes of ice

Versatile decided early on that in order to properly document such an amazing feat of human nature that the Maxim Road Trip needed a professional. Insert Kam, our brilliant, talented, and quite handsome cameraman. Whether we are interviewing people at our various stops or going full speed through an inflatable maze, Kam has the camera and the skill to capture it all on film. Check out his skills at to see how f’n rad this man is at his art.

Kasey — “Versatile”

Kasey Pic2

Favorite Drink:  Stoli + Anything

As the originator of Maxim Road Trip, Versatile has upgraded the trip from Notorious B.U.S., the very un-roadworthy 1962 GMC City Bus, to Optimus Prime, the Gulf Stream Tourmaster T-40F. His mad-max lifestyle as a firefighter/entrepreneur/electronics-guru/inventor-by-day supports his Mr. Wizard meets Batman bravado by night. Versatile tricks out anything he gets his hands on and Optimus Prime is no exception. Look for Versatile to be dodging cops like the Matrix and singing Elvis on stage at any bar, but never try to out-do the ultimate one-upper.

Shawn — “P”

Shawn Pic2

Favorite Drink:  Crown and Coke

A lifelong Maxim Road Trip participant, P flirts with that invisible line between absurdity and restraint, often leading to situations of hilarity. He’s traveled the outback with Clint/John/Alex, shunned his Mr. Wizard degree at Denison and chopped the top off a 1989 Cadillac Eldorado that he still drives today. Beware because if P’s not participating in something ludicrous then he’s instigating someone else for the enjoyment of the crew.

Clint — “Clintorious”

Clint Pic

Favorite Drink:  WHISKEY!!!

An alumnus of the first MRT and Denison University, Clintorious has gallivanted across the world by bumming rides from strangers, crashing on couches/floors/roofs, jumping off 80’ waterfalls and hunting crocodiles with homemade spears. You may have even noticed the ever-adventurous Clintorious climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with the Neistat Brothers on HBO. If there is fun and danger to be had, this curly haired ladies-man will conquer it with ease.

Alex — “AC”


Favorite Drink:  Tequila Shots or Maker’s Mark

This veteran Maxim Road Tripper is a Denison Alum with roots in Boston and an insatiable appetite for extravagant fun. When AC’s not in the lab mixing up the next super drug of our generation, he’s shooting homemade potato guns 500 yards into the ocean, hosting bonfires on the beach or drinking an Old Mil in upstate NY.  Look for AC anywhere the action starts as he’ll woo the ladies with his guitar or deliver a witty quip to make you laugh.

Rusty — “The GRB”


Favorite Drink:  Whiskey and Coke or John Daly

As a first timer to the MRT, the GRB is bringing his enthusiasm, love for Cincinnati and absurd amount of shoes on the road.  He is the Van Wilder of the group with his seven year undergraduate “doctorate of the college life” at Miami University. You can catch him rapping everything Luda, rocking Jordan shorts and he is always prepared for a late night of competitive crooning with competitive karaoke SingStar.

John — “Wasa”


Favorite Drink:  Tall Makers and Ginger

This MRT newbie is no stranger to the open road, whether its singing songs to a packed car, cruising on his motorcycle, sleeping on a beach in Oz or driving across the country to find his next radical destination. After his intellectual days at St. Michaels University, Wasa’s found adventure on the ski slopes and bartending in Colorado, the shores of Boston and everywhere in between. If you’re looking to enjoy a cold beer or baseball game, Wasa’s on the stool next to you.

Ryan — “Trevor Johnson aka TJ”


Favorite Drink:  Woodford Reserve on the Rocks

As virgin MRT member, TJ amps up the personality and general noise level of this group of men. After dropping bombs with his pastrami shoulder as Wittenberg’s quarterback, he is now dropping gems with his witty humor and daily swagger. TJ’s manly physique and boisterous sound will make him easy to find especially when he’s at home on the dance floor teaching everyone how to Dougie.

Drew — “Senior”


Favorite Drink:  Budweiser or Tequila Shots

The younger and more focused brother of Rusty, Senior is another MRT rookie that is adding his laid-back nature and keen intellect to the trip. Senior gives sports reporting for his alma mater, Miami University, by day and pours Water Towers by night at Oxford’s favorite watering hole. If you are looking for a drunken argument, a delicious adult beverage or someone to crank up the music, Senior is your guy.