Tin Roof

Bar number 3, Tin Roof

Day 1 cont…..Unloading out of a packed out taxi we headed into our next stop in Nashville, Tin Roof. Greeted by another live band, singing Sir Mix a Lot Baby Got Back, we rushed into Tin Roof to observe round 2 of the dance off between TJ, P, and the ladies from the Stage. The ladies put up a much better fight this time around but the MRT boys’ hips don’t lie and they were telling a story of domination. The girls hid their disappointment well and we all headed to the bar for drinks and shots. The bartenders and the shots at Tin Roof were first class but on this Thursday night it was not very crowded so we decided that there was more of Nashville out there for us to experience so just as we arrived, overly packed into a taxi, we departed Tin Roof and headed back to Broadway. (On a side note if you are looking for a good make out spot at Tin Roof apparently right outside of the girls bathroom is the spot, or so we observed)