Wild Wild West of Boozin — the Soda Liqour Gun

Soo many buttons with so many choices!

The MRT crew is well aware of Versatile’s ability to upgrade anything with absurdities that would even surprise the Pimp My Ride crew.  A standard upgrade would most likely include new wheels, stereo system or even headlights whereas Versatile’s upgrade ideas are like a UPS label… outide the box.  His gnarliest upgrade to Optimus Prime can only be described as the wild wild west of boozin on the go — the Soda Liquor Gun!

Bars have soda guns that provide quick access to various pop, tonic, soda, juices, tonic and lemonade, but they also have the burden of grabbing a bottle to add the booze to a drink.  No longer with the Soda-Booze Gun.  This 14-shooter at a click of a button delivers pop (coke zero, diet dew, sprite zero – we’re watching our girlish figures on the road), soda water, straight H20 for morning hydration, fruit punch, orange juice, vodka, whiskey and rum straight to your glass.  In a bus cruising down the highway at 65 miles per hour hitting potholes and jostling back back and forth, this is extremely clutch when working on your inebriation.

Check out the video which adds Vodka, then Fruit Punch and finishes with Sprite Zero to make a delicious drink in seconds!

VIDEO: Soda Liquor Gun

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