Shower anyone?

TJ redeeming himself on the superman course.

Day 1 continued… After what can only be described as a grueling full body workout at the Jump Zone we decided it was time for an all male group shower. After all, what better way was there to remove the bottles of baby oil that we had doused all over ourselves thanks to the Jump Zone staff? Optimus Prime headed over to the nearby athletic club and after some smooth distractions were laid down by Versatile the whole crew worked its way through the weight room and into the locker room. We picked up Wasa who had been hot tubbing with a couple of 80 year old companions and headed in for a group wash down. After the fifth or sixth set of wrinkly balls we encountered on the way to the showers Kam had to dip out with the cameras and let us clean up. We piled back on the bus, some half clothed some fully clothed, and finished primping as we started up Optimus and headed for downtown Nashville.