MaximRoadTrip Crew vs J-Z… Jump Zone that is.

Our first major destination was something that an 8 year old has always dreamed of, perhaps even wet dreamed if he was mature enough. One may ask why would adults, large male adults especially, be interested in jumping around several massive blown up obstacle courses. Well, have you ever heard of wipeout cause thats what we experienced tonight. Imagine 5 massive blown up obstacle courses lathered in baby oil with 6 massive men barrelling through each station.

Eventually the MaximRoadTrip guys were too exhausted from competing against eachother and challenged the employees at the Jump Zone. Little did we know that they have done their homework on the course and were prepared to beat our ass cause thats exactly what they did. Unfortunately, TJ was the weak link of the course and cost us many a titles. He did keep up his consumption of his adult beverages so at the end of the day, he is still a winner.

More to come with pictures and descriptions, but we’re exhausted of running through an obstacle course and prepared to get blacked out. See you all on the flip side…

    • Versatile

      Clintorious statement of the evening: “Anytime a girl says ‘I’m flattered, I really am’ the next words out of her mouth are gonna be ‘but I have a boyfriend or a baby, or a penis’”

    • Kprincell

      Best comment of the day (and we’ve only been awake 15 minutes). Holmes: “My mouth tastes horrible, and I remember thinking ‘I’m gonna brush my teeth before I go to sleep.” V: “So what happened?” Holmes: “I met a chocolate bunny on the way to the bathroom.”