Hello hangover, my name is everyone

Do you want any eggs with that hangover Versatile?

Day 2……”I feel like I got donkey punched!” Thanks for the insight P. Everyone was a more than a little groggy to say the least as we arose this morning. Greeted by unwelcome sunlight, the smell of booze and testosterone, and according to TJ “the very abrasive smell of car exhaust” (said in a whiny annoying voice) we slowly stirred and motivated to get up and feed our faces. Judging by the number of parking tickets that we had recieved, it was time to go anyways. We put Nashville in our rear view mirror and it was time to head towards the next destination……NEW ORLEANS! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we need to get some food first. Hello IHOP, 20 pitchers of water and a lot of coffee stat!

    • The Trickster

      In N’Oleans you guys have to go to Mother’s Restaurant for breakfast or lunch (401 Poydras Street)… Get the Ferdi special- It’s amazing.