Heart Attacks

Flashback to 2003. The first Maxim Road Trip started with everyone together sans member AC. So it was fitting that The Reunion Tour began with him being several states away again. However in ’03, it was about his killing 14 hours waiting for the B.U.S to pick him up, getting asked to leave restaurants and hotels for excessive loitering, where this time it was caused by airport events. AC’s trip started gloriously on the flight from BOS to ATL. An attractive and flirtatious woman named Pam sat in the center seat next to him, flying to Buenos Aires to buy a Malbec vinyard. Over 2 hrs of conversation she bought AC a bloody mary, gave him a pack of gum, shared stories and her wrist for his opinion on her designer perfume. This was a good start to the trip to Nashville.

The weather and AC’s luck soon turned. There was a hold on the plane going from ATL to Nashville. AC overheard a medic explaining that a man had suffered a heart attack on the plane and they couldnt move him. Medics with long faces finally pulled the man off the plane (he was eventually alright).

During the 2 hour delay AC went to the airport bar to kill time, shared a shot of makers with a Philly business man who was naturally well versed in whore houses and “spas” in the three major cities the MRT would be hitting. After that shady unsolicited info, AC heard the plane to Nashville was finally boarding and got on it. But due to lightning bolts striking literally yards from the plane to Nashville, it sat on the tarmack for another hour. 3 hours of delays later AC’s plane full of pissed off passengers lands. The woman to whom AC forfieted his window seat to now having an anxiety attack pushing AC trying to get off the plane, cursing him out.

AC was thirsty to get this experience behind him and be the lone wolf no more. After contact with P and a plan made to meet downtown, AC headed to BB Kings Blues Club to drown the travelling nightmares aggressively. Luckily he didn’t do so alone, meeting an equally motivated local girl named Michelle who initiated her shot invention: Double shot of Jameson w/ a small chase of gourmet pickle juice which AC named a “Heart Attack”. Tuned up, AC was a happy SOB to unite with the MRT boys on Broadway.

The boys had a quick bite at Baileys bar restaurant where a live band was playing.As dinner ended AC, wasted, wasted no time to make a scene to make up for lost time playing Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” with the band at Bailey’s. The crew headed to The Stage next door….

    • -V

      I was oddly surprised when the band said “This one’s for the Maxim Road Trip Boys” and bummed AC wasn’t around to hear our callout. Figuring he was in the bathroom we worked our way to the stage to hear the band better…and there was AC…on stage with the band KILLING the guitar. I felt bad for the frontman cuz AC kinda showed him up.