Flying J

Best Flying J in the U.S.

Day 2 cont…….On the road again. We badly wanted to be in New Orleans but unfortunately it is not as close to Nashville as we had hoped. Optimus Prime needed to take a dump badly. This led us to the best Flying J in the country just South of Montgomery, AL. Little did the MRT team know we would be gracefully welcomed by the greatest truck stop manager of all time, Tim Tuttleberry (or TT for short, but don’t get it confused with Siv).

TT not only helped OP drop a two piece, but he provided the MRT team with a delicious fresh pizza. The pizza was deemed by one lady as, “da best pizza in da souf!” It was slightly undercooked and very doughy and proved a great pick me-up for the MRT team after the disaster that was Milo’s special sauce.

As we finished the dump stop, one of the favorite sightings of the MRT (to this point) pulled up to the water pump in an early 90s Astro van. With 32 inch arms, Wanda was ready to do work!

As we watched and played “would you rather” at the expense of Wanda’s lovely curves, we were approached by Wendall, who is a local Pepsi truck driver. Wendall was not a small man in stature but a big man at heart and decided to give us his 30 second elevator pitch on why we should hire him for the rest of the trip (which was thoroughly convincing). In a genius move P said his first interview would consist of getting a phone number from Wanda along with a quick makeout sesh.

In the quote of the hour, Wendall responded with, “Damn dog, you know I don’t wrestle bears!” This was just the motivation the MTR crew needed to keep pushing to N’Orleans.

    • Versatile

      To be clear the “would you rather” was “Would you rather have Wanda take a dump on your chest or Brad Pitt brick (jizz) in your face.” The answer was unilaterally the Wanda chest dump, however The GRB seemed to consider the longest before deciding. He also didn’t look 100% committed to his answer. If Brad Pitt were replaced by Luda or The Rock we all know what he would have picked.